Religious Education

Religious Education

At St. Oswald’s we believe that if we:Teach children how they should live and they will remember it all their life. Proverbs 22:6. We teach Religious Education using the RE syllabus ‘Questful RE’ by Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education.

Building on the foundation of both the 2007 and 2013 syllabuses the syllabus has been updated and redesigned to bring it in line with current best practice and pedagogical strategies. By embracing the explicit teaching of Christian concepts and God’s big salvation story, it is hoped that the content of this syllabus will give pupils a deeper understanding of Christianity.

To ensure delivery of a high quality Religious Education (RE) curriculum that is essential to meet the statutory requirement for all maintained schools to teach a broad and balanced curriculum the school regularly refers to ‘The Statement of Entitlement for RE’.


RE will support children and young people in developing their own beliefs, values and attitudes through an exploration of shared human experience and the place and significance of Christianity and other religions in the contemporary world with such emphasis on Anglican beliefs and practices as appropriate to the school situation.’

(Diocese of Liverpool RE Syllabus)                                      

St Oswald’s CE Primary has undertaken to teach Christian Values explicitly. RE will support the teaching of all 8 values especially the whole school value of ‘Community’ as RE will enable pupils to know about and empathise with members of our Multi-Cultural, Multi-Faith society.

In order to achieve our aims we will follow the Liverpool Diocesan RE Syllabus. This will help the pupils in our school to:

1.   Explore shared human experience (i.e. those experiences which are valuable in that they raise fundamental questions about life).

2.   Develop pupils’ own beliefs, values and attitudes.

3.   Learn about the place and significance of Christianity and other religions in the contemporary world including their traditions, beliefs and values.

4.   Experience Christianity as a living faith within the context of a Church school.

These objectives are explored and explained in greater detail in pages 13-17 in the Liverpool Diocesan RE Syllabus.


The Liverpool Diocese recommends approximately 5% of the total curriculum should be allocated to RE The majority of the time should be RE with a Christian emphasis (66-80%) the balance being allocated to other faiths.

The school has allocated one session per week (5% of the total teaching time) for the teaching of RE.  RE topics and themes may be explored in other areas of the curriculum – where this is the case weekly planning will refer to the RE objectives and outline where work is recorded.  However], worship sessions take place daily for twenty minutes and our Christian values and themes are shared with the pupils. (See Collective Worship Policy)

Other Faiths

As St Oswald’s 3% of our children are of other faiths, the teaching of other faiths is essential to support diversity in the local community and create tolerance.


Teacher assessment takes place 3 times a year. All staff assess at the end of first unit of work, Christmas unit and Easter unit based on the ‘Ladder of expectation of achievement in RE’. Data is then shared with Governing Board termly during the Vision and Value Sub Committee meetings.


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