Spanish Curriculum Statement

In St Oswald's we want to provide many opportunities for our children to widen their experiences. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 all partake in a Spanish session each week. We have a Spanish teacher  called Mrs Lees who works with Year 3 on a Wednesday and Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 on a Thursday. She follows a comprehensive scheme of work called Language Angels which provides opportunities for both oral and written outcomes. It also provides children with the opportunities to hear native Spanish speakers and model their pronunciation. 

Language Angels resources - how they work

Language Angels award-winning language teaching resources are designed to allow primary school teachers, irrespective of their linguistic ability, to teach the foreign language of their choice.

With more than 26 teaching units (each designed to run for 6 weeks) there are enough Language Angels resources to enable you to teach the language of your choice for 4 complete school years.

All units are organised into easy to understand, clearly defined categories that enable you to pick the right unit for the level of ability of each class.

Units vary from easiest Early Language Units(which are ideal for children with little or no previous foreign language knowledge) to our Intermediate Units (ideal for pupils building up their foreign language expertise) through our Creative Curriculum Units (which tie in to familiar curriculum topics) and finally to our Progressive Units (which are great for extending and challenging pupils with a sound understanding of the basics of the language they are learning).

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Core Vocabulary * & Phonetics

Presenting Myself

Do You Have A Pet?

Verbs & Grammar

I'm Learning Spanish


What Is The Date?

At School


The Tudors or Habitats (Intermediate Version)

The Weather

The Weekend

Musical Instruments

At The Café


World War II or Habitats (Progressive Version)

Little Red Riding Hood or Ancient Britain

The Classroom

The Romans

Healthy Lifestyles

I Can…


The Olympics or Habitats (Progressive Version)

The Planets

Children are assessed once per term. Please find below the assessment we use to mark children's progress and attainment. 

European Languages Day 2018

For European Langauges Day 2018, each class explored an element of Spain. Whether it be their culture, language, food or famous Spanish people. At the end of the week, we then showcased all our wonderful findings during our whole school celebration assembly. These ranged from written pieces to dances. It was a truly wonderful afternoon in which the children all enjoyed celebrating everyone's successes. 

This is what we all did:

Nursery/ Reception: We learnt Spanish nursery rhymes and some Spanish counting. Uno, dos, tres ... 

Year 1: We learnt the Spanish for facial features and made our own funny faces. 

Year 2: Cooked our own tapas including; patatas bravas and albondigas. Mmm yummy!

Year 3: Learnt colours and animals to write our own Spanish descriptions. 

Year 4: Looked at and studied Guadi creating our own mosaic masterpieces!

Year 5: Learnt a traditional Spanish dance and showcased our efforts to the whole school. 

Year 6: Looked at the festival Los Tomantina, Bull fighting and also Bull Running. We created balanced arguments as to whether running with the bulls should be allowed due to animal rights. 

Curriculum Development Opportunities

European Languages Day

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