Year 1 2019 - 2020


This week we are focusing on HAPPINESS! 

What makes you happy? Who makes you happy?

Something that makes me happy is our fantastic class. We are all missing you so much but we can't wait to see you soon in September and it makes me very happy that I get to spend another year with you in Year Two. Ice-cream and books also make me very happy too! laugh

I have loved hearing about all of your amazing work this week and have recieved some photogrpahs of your learning and of the activities you have been getting up to with your family! You all look like you are having so much fun and working hard.

I have uploaded the timetable for the week (in the homework tab) with all of the different things we will be doing in class so that if you are at home, you can complete the same activities as those in school. I have also prepared all of the resources you will need so if it is red on the timetable, it is available to download on the homework page. If I have missed anything off, please get in touch and I can add it on for you! If you are at home, I would love to see pictures of your work! 

Well done, Year One! Keep working hard, keep smiling and stay safe! 

See you soon!

Miss Greenwood, laugh Mrs Chiu, laugh Miss Lavellelaugh and Mrs Cranny laugh

It is okay to not be okay!

It is a very strange time and I want you to all remember that it okay to not be okay. We have never been through a time like this before so it is very difficult to explain how we are feeling, and that is okay! Everyone, including grown ups, teachers and children, has lots of different emotions and some days can feel a bit harder than others. Again, this is okay! Some days might be filled with laughter and smiles and this is okay! Some days might make you feel a little bit sad and confused, and this is okay! It is all okay! If you need to talk to anyone about how you are feeling or if you have any questions, don't be afraid to say something. We are probably all feeling the same way! 

I have attached a sheet called 'stress management' that tells you about some different breathing techniques to try and calm your body down. - this website provides some more tips to help with some of those unusual anxious feelings. - Harry Potter yoga - this is fabulous for calming your body down and stretching your muscles. If you go on youtube and search 'cosmic kids yoga' there are lots of different themes including, Moana, Minecraft, Trolls, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland.

Keep yourselves and other safes, stay positive and remember that you can call or email into school at any time if you want some help or to let us know what you have been getting up to.

Since all the teachers in year one love reading, telling and listening to stories, I have added some links below to some fantastic stories that you can watch and listen to on youtube. There are some activities in the file download section that match with the stories that you can complete too. 

Tiddler - The story telling fish

The Rainbow Fish

What the ladyird heard at the seaside

Barry the fish with fingers

The singing mermaid

Sharing a shell

Commotion in the ocean

Home Learning

Please check the home learning tabs on each of the curriculum pages over the next few days as they are being updated with different challenges you could complete as a family or independently. Let us know how you get on!

Don't forget we also have some challenges on each of the class homework pages.

New learning opportunities:

Here are some great reading activities about visitors in your garden! Have a look and see which of these visitors have been to visit your garden!

The National academy online classroom is offering daily Maths, English and foundation subject lessons for you to complete at home

Follow the link:

Once on the page, click the “classroom” button.

Click “schedule” for today’s lessons and choose your year group.

A video will guide you through each lesson and there are activities for you to complete.

The lessons build on your learning each day just like we do in school.

We’d love to see the work you have completed so please send it into school to be shared on Twitter.

Please find home learning packs in the downloads below or on the homework tab. There are also learning projects that will be uploaded regularly which has some activities for you to complete about a certain topic, but feel free to research further and complete more work around each topic! Send in photos of your work, I can't wait to see!




The website below has different missions and challenges for you to complete each week - have fun! 

I'd love to see what you've been up to so please ask an adult to send pictures of your home learning to the school office: or via Twitter @stoswaldscep

Remember to smile, be happy, keep safe and wash your hands!

  • Turn off the TV and make sure you have a quiet space in which to work.
  • Try to work at a desk or a table.
  • Use a pencil to complete any written work and try to present it as neatly as you would in your books at school.
  • Ask and adult or older brother or sister to listen to you read every day and discuss what you’ve read toether. Reading and learning together can be good fun and very rewarding.
  • Share Ipads and tablets with your brothers and sisters. If a sibling is using your tablet then read, write or practise your handwriting until they have finished. Then swap over.
  • When you are working on IXL, aim for 100% on each task. If you don’t achieve this try, try and try again until you have mastered it. Use the information that pops up when you make an error to help you progress or ask an adult at home to help. 
  • Ask an adult in your home to set you some times tables, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions to help you practise your calculations.
  • Make yourself a simple timetable that will help you organise your tasks- see the link below.


Phonics: Practise your sounds regualry. There are some great games on the following website:       username: march20     password: home

Read Write Inc: There will be 2 weeks worth of free lessons for home. These lessons will be available for children to watch on Facebook and YouTube. There will be a short speed sounds lessons with one of their trainers every day for 2 weeks. Use this link to access the Ruth Misking youtube channel to view the videos. Videos are only available for 24 hours then are updated with new videos.

Songs and rhymes including counting:

Reading: two websites for reading:  if you sign up for a free account 100s of books publish their first chapter for free. Great for guided read or just reading to engage. If you go on there, there are books linked to topic and also reading lists and other lists to engage readers. 

Some other useful links to help learning from home:


Go to the Science page and download one of the exciting activities to try at home. Ask an adult before you try them though!!

See the new links added for more home learning activities. 

Don't forget to check our school twitter account for daily updates and activities! Send in your photos and let us know what you're getting up to!



Unicef are publishing an 'Article of the Week' as a regular set of remote learning activities centred on a specific article. Each week a new Article pack will be uploaded onto the Unicef page on the school website.The pack will contain activities for primary and secondary, a reflection and an extension exercise. Activities are easy to carry out with the minimum of equipment - most only need a pen and pencil. Please feel free to email or tweet the school with any work you have done at home #RRSA  



Teacher: Miss M. Greenwood

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S. Chiu & Miss F. Lavelle

1 to 1 Support: Mrs J Cranny


Christian Value: Creation

Number of pupils: 29

Specialist Staff

Music: Mrs Payet

Drama: Mr Mikee


Class Prayers

Lunchtime: For all we eat and all we wear,
For daily bread and nightly care,
We thank you Heavenly Father. Amen

Hometime: God in Heaven, hear my prayer;
Keep me in thy loving care,
Be my guide in all I do,
Bless all those who love me too. Amen 


UNICEF Rights and Responsibility: Article 15

(Freedom of association) Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other children from enjoying thier rights.




School Council

Our council representatives were chosen by the class in a democratic vote. Each child performed a speech to persuade the class to vote for them. Well done to everyone who put their names forward. Our winners were:



Golden Apples

We have promised to try our best to gain our 5 leaves for: Service, Community, Justice, Friendship and Creation.

Children's University

At the end of Year 1, all credits that we have earned move forward to Year 2. We gain credits through attending after school clubs, participating in sports teams for the school, jobs we do in school and also by having our passports stamped at learning destinations for example: museums and clubs outside of school.


Physical Education

Children will require their PE kit in school at all times.
They will need a red t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. Children will not be able to participate in P.E if they do not have thier P.E kit in school.


Online Safety

An Important Note to Parents and Carers.

Please be aware of online safety when our children go on the Internet. The link below offers information and advice about keeping our children safe online. It also has a valuable reminder of the importance of keeping passwords secure.


Files to Download

Year 1: News items

UNICEF Learning, by Mrs Erskine

Parent Guidance Covid-19, by Mrs Erskine

Ideas for Home Learning, by Mrs Erskine

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