Reception 2019 - 2020

Teacher: Mrs L. Carr

Teaching Assistant: Mrs N. Ponting

Specialist Staff: Mrs Slocombe (lunchtime support)

Number of pupils: 30

Christian Value: Friendship

Welcome to Reception Safety

An Important Note to Parents and Carers.

Please be aware of online safety when our children go on the Internet. The link below offers information and advice about keeping our children safe online. It also has a valuable reminder of the importance of keeping passwords secure.


Home learning support:

I will be updating this page daily as they'll be lots of links for daily phonic and dough disco lessons.

Young children can only concentrate for short periods of time so try to do a few activities each day (only lasting 10 - 15 minutes) mixed in with lots of play and physical activities.  Make sure you can get out where you can however, only under Government guidance. - your child will need to burn off some energy from being stuck indoors and it is essential for parents well being too!

Although there are lots of free resources online and lots of super videos with songs, stories and physical activities, try to make sure that your child only has short bursts of screen time and ensure that they are supervised whilst using the Internet.  

We look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as possible.

Enjoy spending time together as a family and we hope we find you all fit and well on your return.

Mrs Carr's story time (click on the story title):

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school

Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn't go to school

New learning opportunities:

The National academy online classroom is offering daily Maths, English and foundation subject lessons for you to complete at home

Follow the link:

Once on the page, click the “classroom” button.

Click “schedule” for today’s lessons and choose your year group.

A video will guide you through each lesson and there are activities for you to complete.

The lessons build on your learning each day just like we do in school.

We’d love to see the work you have completed so please send it into school to be shared on Twitter.

IXL: All children have an IXL login. Please encourage your child to go on to the website or download the app. There are many key  skill's in maths and English to practise.

Maths: This site is offering a 30 day free parent resources. I've just signed up and looked through the resources. There's lots of interactive dances that the children can join in with so would definitely recommend it.

Phonics: Practise your sounds regualry. There are some great games on the following website:       username: march20     password: home

Read Write Inc: There will be 2 weeks worth of free lessons for home from Monday 23rd March. These lessons will be available for children to watch on Facebook and YouTube. There will be a short speed sounds lessons with one of their trainers every day for 2 weeks. I will add a new link each day.

Set 1: Mrs Carr's phonics group.

Introducing qu 9.7.20

Word time:


Set 2: Mrs Ponting's phonics group. 

Introducing oo sound 9.7.20


Set 2 Speed Sounds Interactive  

Set 3: Miss Greenwood's phonics group.

Introducing ai sound 9.7.20


Read and hold a sentence 9.7.20

Read red words with Rosie set 1 9.7.20:

Red word songs Set 1:

Story time with Nick  Watch stories read by Nick Cannon.  A new story is added each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2pm.  Enjoy!

Songs and rhymes including counting:

Reading: two websites for reading:  if you sign up for a free account 100s of books publish their first chapter for free. Great for guided read or just reading to engage. If you go on there, there are books linked to topic and also reading lists and other lists to engage readers. 


There are some interesting family Science activities for you to try together at:

Picture News:

These resources are now found under the Christian Character tab on the schools home page.

Dough Disco:


All you need is a 2 tea towels, flannels or pillow cases and a pot of dough or a simple recipie to make it is:

Makes 1 coloured ball
Prep 10 minutes

You will need

  • 8 tbsp plain flour
  • 2 tbsp table salt
  • 60ml warm water
  • food colouring
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil 


1. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix together the water, a few drops of food colouring and the oil.

2. Pour the coloured water into the flour mix and bring together with a spoon.

3. Dust a work surface with a little flour and turn out the dough. Knead together for a few minutes to form a smooth, pliable dough. If you want a more intense colour you can work in a few extra drops of food colouring.

4. Store in a plastic sandwich bag (squeeze out the air) in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Interactive activities:   Early Years section maths activities from numberjacks.  Activities can be levelled from 0-10.  Try level 3/4 and see how they go.  You can currently log in to twinkl and download resources for free.  Suitable if you have a printer.  There are also some e-books available on here. a range of interactive games   maths activities    literacy activities  maths activities a matching game with initial sounds a range of different games for different areas of the curriculum


Unicef are publishing an 'Article of the Week' as a regular set of remote learning activities centred on a specific article. Each week a new Article pack will be uploaded onto the Unicef page on the school website.The pack will contain activities for primary and secondary, a reflection and an extension exercise. Activities are easy to carry out with the minimum of equipment - most only need a pen and pencil. Please feel free to email or tweet the school with any work you have done at home #RRSA  


Files to Download

Reception: News items

UNICEF Learning, by Mrs Erskine

Parent Guidance Covid-19, by Mrs Erskine

Ideas for Home Learning, by Mrs Erskine

Reception: Gallery items

Home learning, by Mrs Carr

Chinese New Year, by Mrs Carr

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