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Home Learning


There is so much maths all around us that we forget how much there is to learn without picking up a pencil or looking at the internet!  Have a look around your house. Can you tell the time? Do you know how much things weigh or how many steps there are? Here are a few easy ideas for the whole family to share.


  1. Time


 This is an analogue clock.
  • Can you tell what time it is?
  • Which hand shows you the hours, the minutes or the seconds?
  • How many more minutes until 10.30?
  • Can you tell if it is morning or afternoon by looking at an analogue clock?

This is a digital clock.


  • Can you tell what time it is?
  • Which numbers show you the hours and the minutes?
  • How many more minutes until 11pm?
  • Can you tell if it is morning or afternoon by looking at a digital clock?


  • Can you draw your own clocks and show the time?
  • What time do you get up?
  • What time do you have breakfast, lunch and tea?
  • Can you draw a time table of what time you do what activities during the day?
  • What time does your favourite programme start?
  • How long does it last?
  • What time does it finish?
  • Can you do times in both analogue and digital?

There are plenty of activities you can do with time, try learning the hours first, then half past, quarter past, quarter to and then five minute intervals.


  1. Measurement

(Weight/Capacity and Length)




Here are two different types of weighing scales you may find at home.


  • Which one would you find in the kitchen to weigh food?
  • Which one would you find in the bathroom to weigh yourself?




There are lots of weighing activities you can do at home. 

Food items are usually weighed in grams and kilograms 1000g = 1kg, 500g = 0.5kg, 250g = 0.25g

100g = 0.01g, 10g = 0.001g.

  • Find between 5 to 10 food items from the cupboard, estimate which is the lightest and put the items in order from the lightest to the heaviest.  Check the packets and see if you were right.
  • Does the size make any difference?  Can you find any larger packets that weigh less than a smaller packet?
  • Can you convert the weights from g to kg?
  • Find some different fruits and vegetables and estimate how heavy you think they are.  Use the scales to weigh them and see how close you were.
  • What other items can you weigh?
  • What else could you use the bathroom scales to weigh?


How much liquid a container holds is usually measured in litres and millilitres (metric measurements.)


1000ml = 1L

500ml = 0.5L

250ml = 0.25L

330ml = 0.33L


Which do you think holds more a can of coke or a bottle?




  • Find some containers of liquids in the kitchen cupboard and see if you can accurately estimate how much liquid each holds.
  • Put them in order of smallest to largest. 
  • Do the shapes of the containers make a difference?
  • Do all the containers have to be cylinder shaped?
  • Can you convert litres and millilitres?  Whatever the packet says in ml can you convert to L and vice versa?
  • Can you find different shaped containers that hold the same amount?


We can use metric units of measurement, mm (millimetres) cm (centimetres) and m (metres.)  If you have a ruler or a tape measure at home you can measure items around the house.

1m = 100cm = 1000mm,  0.5m = 50cm, 500mm.


Actual size of Online Ruler (cm/mm)


Tape Measure Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip ...

  • What is the longest thing you can find? 
  • What is the shortest?
  • Find 5 items you would measure using all three measurements mm, cm and m.
  • How tall is a tin of beans (or other food packages)
  • How long is your reading book and how wide?
  • Can you draw lines (using a ruler) that measure, make them 5cm, 12cm, 18.5cm, 22.8cm
  • Make a wet footprint and handprint and measure how long they are.
  • Which is the longest?
  • What else can you find to measure?


Shapes are all around us, there are flat shapes called 2-D shapes, such as a circle and a square and there are 3-D shapes such as a cuboid and cylinder.  They are all around us.  What can you find?


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