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See below for new Science resources to download

Space resources:

Some new Space themed resources have landed. Follow the instructions belwoto access them and have fun. 

  • - open the bpES website: bp.com/bpes
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code below.

Student code: 63248

The UK space agency has produced a collection of space educational resources for you to access from home: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/space-related-educational-resources-for-home-schooling

First aid resources: 

The Red cross have launched  homelearning activites based on First Aid. Have a go and become a First Aid champion. https://firstaidchampions.redcross.org.uk/primary/ 

Step into the NHS is a website that gives children the opportunity to learn about different jobs and careers they could follow in the furture.  Follow the link and have a go!!


The following website teaches children about keeping themselves safe from the virus and has some useful home learning activities: https://e-bug.eu/eng_home.aspx?cc=eng&ss=1&t=Information%20about%20the%20Coronavirus 


There are many science activities that you can do at home even if you don’t have access to a device.

Carry out an investigation with your family (ie):

Does the tallest person have the largest hands? How will you find out? What will you do?

Can the oldest person jump the furthest?

Who is the fittest? Who can do the most star jumps in a minute? Who can jump for the longest?

Carry out some kitchen chemistry.

Ask an adult to help you make Scrambled Egg. Observe how the egg changes as you heat it. What scientific words can you use to describe the changes?

Make some cakes.

Make bubble liquid using fairy liquid/ bubble bath/ soap – which makes the largest bubbles?

Make differet ice shapes. Which takes the longest to melt? Why?

Freeze different drinks. Which takes the longest to freeze or melt? Why?

Observe the sky.

Observe how the position of the sun changes in the sky throughout the   

day. Put a piece of blu tack on the window to show the position of the sun every hour. Does it stay the same?

Go stargazing either in your garden or out of the window. What can you see? – try to find out the name of the stars you observe.

Nature surveys.

Whilst on your daily walk or whilst you’re in the garden make a survey of the plants and animals you can find.

Make a chart to record your results.

Collect sample of leaves and try to find out which plants they belong to (always wash your hands afterwards).

Download one of the identification sheets below.

Do some gardening - plant some seeds and look after them. 

There are also lots of fun Science activities and investigations in the downloads below. So open them up and get investigating.  Send in some photographs of your work – I’d love to see the results.

There are lots of online Science home learning opportunities too. Try some of the links below:

BBC Bitesize home learning Science lessons.

Stargazing at Cbeebies has some fabulous activities and videos to watch for younger children.

www.stem.org.uk Ask an adult to sign you up to have access to lots of Science home learning opportunities.

www.pstt.org.uk have some fabulous investigations for you to try at home.

www.wowscience.co.uk has some really fun activities and science games.


www.kahoot.com has quizzes and home learning opportunities. 

There are lots of fabulous Science activities on PurpleMash too so use your login and have a go. 


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