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Introducing the FREE History Storytime podcast

Are you looking for ways to give children a love of history? Do you need wonderful KS1 and KS2 relevant History content to reinforce home schooling?

Introducing the FREE History Storytime podcast. By children. For children.

Sophie (aged 7) and Ellie (aged 4) tell stories from history with their Daddy. This is the only History podcast to put children at the heart of the story.

Alternately gripping, funny, exciting, yet educational, they are firm favourites. There are over 20 episodes already to choose from. They include:

And many more...

Unique or well known songs that children can sing-a-long with bring the history to life. Hear Florence Nightingale's own voice or Winston Churchill's speeches. Children can hear Sophie deliver the actual speeches given by Elizabeth I at Tilbury or by Boudicca before her final battle. There is an emphasis on laughter and singing. Above all they give children a love of history.

Sophie and Ellie's Daddy is a History graduate so the story is accurate and pitched at the right level.

But don't just believe us. 20,000 unique downloads, with 1,000s of children regularly listening, and being a top rated podcast in Apple can't be wrong. 

It's a FREE resource for you to use. Have a listen yourself. And if you like us then do share us with your parents and children in these times of lockdown. 

History Storytime is in all the main podcast libraries - Apple, Spotify, Google, Podbean etc.

Links here:





And please let us know what you think by replying or tweeting us at @historytime99

Local and Community History:

Can you complete some research about your local environment. Here are some activities you could complete, but feel free to do your own:

- Phone or video call an older relative and ask them what the local area was like when they were your age.

- Find out how schools have changed and why.

- How has fashion changed for men, women and children? Which era was your favourite for fashion?

- Which famous people were born and grew up in your local area? - Liverpool is a great place to research as lots of famous people have lived here!

- Create a poster showing what you think the future of our local environment will be like.

- How would you describe your local area to an alien that came to visit?

Famous people throughout History

Here are some people who are incredibly important in History. Can you find out more about them and why they are so famous? Do you agree with the actions that they took? Why? I will update this list every couple of weeks with different people for you to research. Let me know some of the interesting facts you find out!

-  Amelia Earhart

- Anne Frank

- The Beatles

- Charles Dickens

- Barack Obama

- Galileo Galilei

- Malala

- Roald Dahl

- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


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