Confirmation is very special: the word means strengthening or deepening one’s relationship with God. It is a sacrament (a special sign of the reality of God).

Confirmation is part of life in different Christian denominations. 

At Confirmation in the Church of England (the Anglican Church) a baptised person makes the promises for themselves that were made on their behalf by parents and godparents at their baptism / christening.

Although anyone being confirmed needs to be baptised first, this can take place regardless of age.

People who want to be confirmed (confirmation candidates) attend a special Church service with family and friends, where a Bishop lays hands on and prays for each confirmation candidate to receive the Holy Spirit.

Prior to Covid we normally talk to those children in Year 6 about confirmation and invite them to a course to explore their faith. This is an after school activity and gives opportunity for each person to ask questions and to reflect on what faith means to them. They then decide (with parental consent) whether they would like to be confirmed.

Those who missed out due to lockdown are still very welcome to attend these classes at a time suitable for all, including early evenings or weekends. If there are any questions about this subject, please pass them into school and they will be passed on to us in Church and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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