Assertive Mentoring

In June 2013 St Oswald’s CE Primary School introduced a new system called ‘Assertive Mentoring’ to our school.

The Aims of Assertive Mentoring 

To raise standards for all children

To motivate and involve children in their learning

To inform and involve parents in their child’s learning

Assertive Mentoring brings together a whole series of initiatives and policies which were already in place at St Oswald’s CE Primary, and then goes that extra step to improve them! It is about shining the light on the positive and focusing us all on how the children can improve further.

Academic Work

Assertive Mentoring targets what a child can do, and what they need to do to move to the next level. The system facilitates sharing targets with parents and guardians so that you can help your child to achieve even more quickly. Children know exactly what level they are working at, and what they need to do to move on. Marking and feedback to children is focused so that the child knows what needs to be done next.

Assertive mentoring is based on a colour coding system

Green means that the child has exceeded expectations in attainment, attitude, achievement, attendance and behaviour.

Yellow means that the child has met expectations and is on target, working solidly and has a good attitude to learning is attending well and their behaviour is good.

Red means that the child needs further support with meeting their targets in attainment, attitude, attendance and/or behaviour.

The Advantages of the System

Quick and easy to use and understand.

All staff in school use the same approach.

Children judge their own learning and behaviour: they are startlingly accurate.

Children are empowered to take ownership and control of the way they behave and their attitude to learning.

Children who have a good attitude to learning and school life are praised. Those that don’t are quickly targeted and brought back on track.

All parents are aware of whether their child is on track or not and regularly updated each half term.  

Attitude and Behaviour

We will measure and record children’s attitude to school life, and set targets for improvement if they are needed. Many aspects of our routine come under this heading, for example wearing of correct uniform, bringing in to school PE kit, attendance and punctuality.

Mentoring files 

Each child now has a very important Assertive Mentoring file; which will stay with them throughout their time at St Oswald’s CE Primary School. In the mentoring file is stored all the information the staff, children and parents need to be aware of in relation to academic achievement, attitude and behaviour.

In conclusion

Assertive Mentoring is now well established in St Oswald’s CE Primary School to raise standards for all. It has had a marked effect on children's behaviour, attendance, improved attainment in Maths and we ask that you work with us to continue in making it the resounding success we have so far achieved.

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